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Alumni FAQ


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arup Alumni?

We are introducing Arup Alumni as the firm’s global alumni network, to enable former colleagues to stay connected with the firm and one another, to share ideas and explore the future together.

Communities take time to build, and this one is no exception. As we grow, we’ll be seeking your feedback and appreciate your thoughts about what you think is working, and what you would like to see happen as Arup Alumni grows.

What are the benefits of membership of Arup Alumni?
You will be part of the wider Arup community, able to network with former colleagues, friends, and stay close to what the firm is focused on.

Via the website, you will be able to:

  • Read alumni stories, activate connections with your former colleagues around the world
  • Stay informed about our business, people and initiatives
  • Find Arup job openings and referral opportunities 
  • Register for events you find interesting 

and more!

Who is eligible to join Arup Alumni?

All former members of Arup who left in good standing.

How do I join Arup Alumni?

If you are a current Arup member and planning to leave, please contact your local HR to join Arup Alumni. If you have already left Arup, please visit alumni.arup.com and click on register. 

Your enrolment including participation via the Alumni website is voluntary and you can choose to cancel your enrolment any time by contacting us by emailing ArupAlumni@arup.com.

Who can I contact if I have a question regarding Arup Alumni?

Please contact our global Alumni team with the ‘Contact us’ tab on the website, or if you are signed in then see ‘Contact us’ below your profile tile on the left in the homepage.